JKD Footwork provides detailed demonstrations of the footwork methods used by Jeet Kune Do practitioners. This is a must-have reference guide for any serious. Learn 5 Drills For Improved Jeet Kune Do Techniques From Jeet Kune Do Training from a stationary position, the trainer will use footwork to move and attack. Here’s a Newer Video on Jeet Kune Do Footwork and Trapping. Agility, distance, timing and structure are essential to performing JKD Footwork and applying it.

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It prohibits explosive footwork. Then, once your rear leg has moved into positionanywhere from 6 to 18 inches of travelthen your right or lead leg moves over 6 to 18 inches as well. The heel is raised because it is your sparkplug- ready to ignite you forward, backward or sideways and depending whatever besets you.

His art was, at that time point, heavily influenced by old school Western Boxing and Western Fencing! The leap should be more horizontal than vertical.

You can fake with the hand, for example, and then move right in instantly when the opening presents itself.

The Science Of Footwork: Economical initiation non telegraphic. He spots the punch or a high kick coming, perhaps instinctively, and takes one step back, sweeping his head back and underneath. Intercepting Except using Footwork to obtain Distance as a form of self-defense, we can use Footwork in conjunction with Evasive body motion methods to avoid blows.


You foogwork be able to move rapidly in any direction so you are well-balanced to withstand blows from any angle. Many students I have witnessed foltwork too busy focusing on how well the hands are moving, but they forget about their wheels, which are the most important part of executing the technique. To reach your opponent with speed footwirk power, you must use footwork. Quick recovery or appropriate follow-ups.

In that split instant, your weight is j,d on your front foot. Lead toe and rear heel on the same line Lead toe and arch of rear foot on the same line called closed alignment was adopted at the earlier development stages of Jeet Kune Do heavily influenced by Western Fencing, providing better mobility and reach.

Jeet Kune Do Footwork by Tim Tackett

Keep your hands up. It is a most valuable technique, leaving both hands free to counter, it is the real basis of counter-fighting and is performed by the expert. Your raised back heel allows you to react quickly and act as a spring, giving in to blows from any angle. Lead toe and arch of rear foot on the same line. So every time you throw a punch, put percent into it. By moving deftly, you can elude almost any blow and prepare your fists and feet to attack.

It is a foorwork effective technique against a lead jab and may also be used as the basis of the one-two combination blow.

Replace step from inside to outside Wrestling 8. A balanced position at the start and finish.

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Why We Need Bruce Lee’s Footwork

This will align and balance your body. Curve Left-Right Wrestling 6. Almost every movement is executed with footwork, and all the power and energy must come foltwork it. The basis behind the backward shuffle is like the advance. When the front foot is in place, you should be in the on-guard position and perfectly balanced.

Of the many things my late Sifu Bruce Lee impressed upon me, the most important was the need to be fluidly mobile. This position prepares you to shift your body quickly to any direction and is perfect for attacking or defending.

The same sequence applies when sidestepping right, only the right or lead leg fotowork first, with the rear leg following in a lateral motion.

To close the gap between you and kjd opponent during trapping, blocking, or counter attack, you must use footwork. In retreating or moving backward cautiously, reverse your movement. Combining sensitive aura with coordinated footwork. Everyone does some form of footwokr, throwing strikes, etc.

Just before your rear foot makes contact with your front foot, slide your front foot forward. Most of the weight is on the ball of the foot and the toes.