I think that both Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors (The other main John Bannon book) are superb. Contained within both tomes is seriously. For the others here who are John Bannon fans, a question: I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (which I. On this DVD/Video John Bannon teaches the best routines from his best selling book “Impossibilia: The Magic Of John Bannon.” The routines taught on this.

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But, I’m such a fan I’ll probably pick it up at some point when I see it on eBay. Picked up this book today and have been browsing through it. The chop cup routine is the best I’ve seen. This page was created in 0. A selected signed card is lost in the deck. The Other Brothers John Bannon is by far my favorite close up writer.

A visual flash restoration of a torn piece of cigarette paper. A second selection matches your three predictions. Impossibila lace and coin are placed into a spectator’s fist and impossibly separate.

Impossibilia – The Close-Up Magic of John Bannon

These are the routines that gave John a worldwide reputation. Marked Cards reviews. If you do, what do you think? The cups and ballls has great patter. Twelve years of restaurant performing saw me use about a dozen items from it. Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected.


I do play it straight if I am using triumph as an opener. This is really “rough” compared to his other writings. May 31, You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

impossibiia Suit Cut to Orde. Routines performed and explained: My absolute favorite from Impossibilia is “Twilight Zone. The signed selection is now found in a sealed envelope that has been in full view the entire time. I would recommend the DVD first. This too was one of my first books. Questions about this product.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Impossibilia

These are the routines that gave John a worldwide reputation. Find Out how to pay. Even though vannon mathematical “card folding” tricks don’t interest me as much, I like how detailed he gets in his explanation of them. Fantasy” will be my favorite at the end of the day is the tone that Bannon adopts in the writing. I’m thinking of buying John Bannon’s Impossibilia.


Thanks for that advice. It’s a good buy, but not the best. A half-dollar vanishes, appears, changes to an English penny, the half is reproduced and finally both coins change into Chinese coins.

Little Door by R. He actually IS a lawyer. Bannon’s outstanding no-sleight triumph routine where all the cards of the selected card’s suit remain face up after three fair shuffles. All the material in it is top notch and well worth impossibliia. The signed coin is finally found in an impossible location.

I still have it and am referring to it a lot of times. What more can anyone ask for??????????????? I will PM you some potential resources. Twilight Zone Assembly, the reverse matrix routine. Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected.

Impossibilia is a very good book, but I believe that Smoke and Mirrors is better: View our magic tricks index. A card is selected and a photograph is taken of it. Looks like it’s gonna be the book and the DVD then!

Is it quite rare?