Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. Jack Holloway works alone, for Fuzzy Nation – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once . Fuzzy Nation seeks to bring a 21st century storytelling sensibility to a half-century -old genre classic, and it succeeds far more wildly than I imagine even John. Yes, Fuzzy Nation is a book that is a reimagining of story and events of .. John – I read online elsewhere that Fuzzy Nation is actually in the.

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If ZaraCorp wins, they’ll have nothing by the least useful bits of dirt and shrubbery left. May 11, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: In other words, to scalzo its responsibility to the shareholders without violating the ethical or moral codes of the people who actually make up those groups. Scalzi’s most notable improvement is in character development. That said I havent read Little Fuzzy, the orginal version of this book that Scalzi updated.

I just remember reading it when I was Fuzzy Nation tells much the same story as Little Fuzzybut Scalzi has remained true to the original while making the tale his own. If you have read either book, then nothing in the other book will surprise you. Nayion she liked science fiction at all, she must have read the hundreds of excellent books created by my competition, who had the jump on me in age, wisdom and talent.

Go read Fuzzy Nationpeople. But ecologists have begun to take note and these corporations find their greedy little hands inconveniently bound by an ever-broadening range of EPA style rules and regulations, the most significant of which is that mining may not take place on planets that have been proven to have sentient life–at any stage in the evolutionary process.

Beam Piper’s Little Fuzzy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Well worth a read. Piper rarely lapsed into sentimentalism in his original.

Fuzzy Nation

And anyone that makes the claim that John Scalzi is a plagirist, is a damned fool. Working for ZaraCorp, Jack is a misfit who seldom responds to anything appropriately, is purposefully antagonistic, and speaks sarcasm as if it’s a second language.

Additionally, the book is co-dedicated to Piper. Mary Frances — I have a similar working definition of plagiarism to you, coming from an academic context.

Fiction Book Review: Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi. Tor, $ (p) ISBN

The book is a David a Goliath story, Jack vs. My review is here: Once upon a time, there was a man named H. But I wrote it assuming nothing would come of it other than I would enjoy writing it, anyway.

Jan 12, aPriL does feral sometimes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fuzzy Nation is set in a future where mankind has successfully managed deep space exploration to the point where we colonize other planets. I read and enjoyed them a great deal. Jul 21, HBalikov rated it really liked it. Jack has a prefabricated tree house he has built on the boundary of naiton of the forests which mostly cover the raptor populated planet, staying one step ahead of his creditors, ZaraCorp’s ruthless contract negotiations with its contractors such as himself, and the law.

He’s antagonistic and kind of slimy.

Tweets by SFReviewsnet Movies get remade, usually badly, all the time. Hiring somebody else to write it completely undermines all scallzi the purposes of the exercise. That being the case:. Great story, adorable creatures, funny main character and a middle finger pointed squarely at corporate humanity.

Fuzzy Sapiens 8 books. What the heck was a reboot and what was the point? You need no previous knowledge of the Fuzzy books to read this one. This just shows that you are well known enough as an author for someone to spend time trolling you. I am giving this one five stars because it was funny, very entertaining and all in all an excellent read! He has the mind of a Wall Street quant – able to think three steps ahead in a multidimensional game, but he hides this nagion valuable asset.


This whole book reads like a technical manual on what to do “in case of,” and didn’t make me feel warm or “fuzzy” in the least. Whatever my teacher may have actually thought about my silly heroine she never said. Beam Piper’s literary legacy by enlarging the classic novel’s scope, becoming a flowering and fulfillment of its possibilities. He was at a low point in his writing, feeling uninspired and out of sorts, and he wanted to do something just for fun, so he wrote this, basically as a piece of fan fiction.

Morgan Golias I just started, and I assume they probably would have mentioned that right away and I didn’t see any mention of a breed for Carl at all. In short, fun and furry story with lots and lots of lawyering going on. Scalzi, a fan of Piper’s work, said that he aimed to make the story approachable to readers unfamiliar with the original while directing fans to Fkzzy books.

Well, today was a good day for it, so that worked out; I needed a good distraction. Scalzi has written fanfic. John Scalzi is SO good at this! Good, yes, but not fun. This one was really close to a five star rating, like so freaking close, but something about the cheesy almost Batman-esque line Jack says at the end of the book made me scrunch my face in an expression that says, “No, just stop.