J.S. Bach: Suite No.2 in B minor, BWV – 6. Menuet – 7. Badinerie Studio Personnel. Stanley Goodall. 2. J.S. Bach: Suite No.3 in D, BWV – 2. Air. The four orchestral suites BWV – are four suites by Johann Sebastian Bach. Scholars believe that Bach did not conceive of the four orchestral suites as a However, this work is highly unlikely to have been composed by J. S. Bach. . The Badinerie (literally “jesting” in French — in other works Bach used the.

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It is a vibrant and fast-paced work, leaning towards the entertainment side of pure music.

This suite is one of four such works that the composer wrote in his lifetime. Bach was not even slightly opposed to writing music for more money or power, but was less forthcoming with light music; he did not like it much. All of the lighter music he wrote was never published, including these overtures. These works were good for business, but Bach was more comfortable writing church music or works featuring striking fugal challenges.


Orchestral suites (Bach) – Wikipedia

This suite gave him a chance to write for transverse flute, which had just begun to be in fashion. Performances There are no recordings minuuet this tune yet. Other Movements from the same Work 2.

Rondeau Flute solo 3. Sarabande Flute solo 4.

Polonaise and Double Flute solo 7. Badinerie Flute solo 7.

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