Sri Kala Bhairava Brahma Kavacham #vishwamatha #kalabhairavastotram – Vishwamatha – Google+. Features. Title: Kalabhairava Rakshakavacham; Author: Kalabhairava Siddanthi ; Publisher: Mohan Publishers; ISBN: MOHAN; Binding: Paperback. Comments Off on Kaala Bhairavaashtakam – English 30 December This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english.

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Vatuka Bhairava Apaduddhara Stotram consists of names of Bhairava Wrathful form of Shivawhich confers blessings and delivers the practitioner from danger. Kavacha, or, Kavacham means amulet or, armor. These verses or, hymns constitute a mantra armor. Whoever recites them is delivered from diseases, the malefic effects of planets, the evil influences of ghosts, demons and black-magic.

The harmful entities flee from the spot on hearing the powerful invocation of the names of Bhairava. The seer or, Rishi who first realized this mantra in his trance of these mantras is Brihadaranyaka ; the rhythm chhanda in which this mantra must be uttered is Anustupa. The god appeased here is Vatuka Bhairava ; the viniyoga or, application is siddhi Attainment byairav somethingwell-being and success in life. The principal mantra for Vatuka Bhairava, with Shakti Bija root syllable is this:.

As in all Tantras, the presentation of Apaduddhara Stotra begins as a dialogue between the supreme being Shiva and his teluu, goddess Parvati. Parvati asks Shiva to tell her the names of Vatuk Bhairava, such that, pious devotees may find a way to get rid of all kavavham and sorrows in life and find happiness.

Bhairava is Bhutanath lord of all living thingsBhuta-atman soul of all life-formsBhuta-bhavana always contemplates on the welfare of living beings. Smashan-vasi Mangsashi Kharparashi-r Makhanta-krit.

Raktapah Pranapah Siddhah Siddhidah Siddha-sevitah. He, being a form of Shiva, resides in Charnel grounds or, lonely cremation grounds smashanahe accepts offerings of flesh mangsahis bowl is kavacuam skull kharpar.

He drinks blood and Prana Vital force [Bhairava bestows superior vital energy telugi blessing, or, diminishes vital power as a vhairav. Karaalah Kaala-shamanah Kala-kastha-tanuh Kavih. Shula-panih Khadga-panih Kankali Dhumra-Lochanah. His eyes are also smoke-grey Dhumra. Abhirur Bhairavo Bhairrav Bhutapo Yogini-pati. Dhana-do Dhana-hari cha Dhanadah Pratibhava-van.

Bhairava is utterly kxvacham Abhirugigantic and powerful BheemaHe is the master of the 5 basic elements that constitute the universe Pancha BhutaHe is the master of Yoginis. I have used them to separate meaningful words in Sanskrit, so that the reader kavachaam clearly understand and pronounce them.

Stick to the meaning of the individual names of Bhairava. For, its only a list of names, remember? Naga-haro Naga-kesho Vyomkesha Kapala-bhrith.

Kaalah Kapala-mali cha Kamaniyo Kala-Nidhih. Sri Bhairava is described as wearing a garland of snakes around his neck.

Snakes are slithering among his matted locks of hair. He shares the Name Vyomkesha with Shiva, kavaham means that his hair covers the whole span of the sky. Shiva outspread his matted locks all over the sky to catch and bhairavv the celestial river Gangaas she descended from heaven.


He holds a skull in his hand and a garland of skulls adorns his chest. The skull in his hand is that of Brahma-deva, the creator of this universe.

Brahma, the creator, became egoistic, and lied about finding the upper end of the pillar of divine light. This endless pillar is eternal knowledge and Shiva himself. While Brahma was boasting of his superiority to Vishnu, who was humble and quiet for Vishnu accepted that he failed to find the bottom of the Pillar, even after searching for thousands of yearsShiva came out of the pillar.

Shiva looked at Brahma with disapproval and suddenly Bhairava emerged from his contorted brows.

Kalabhairava Rakshakavacham – online Telugu Books

As Bhairava proceeded to cut-off all the remaining heads of the creator, Lord Vishnu requested Shiva to forgive Brahma. Shiva praised Vishnu for being humble, truthful and courageous and forbade Bhairava to kill Brahma. Shiva blessed Vishnu that all his 10 avatars will be worshiped on earth and Vishnu will be the protector of the Universe. And cursed Brahma that he will not be worshiped, in spite of being the creator.

Shakti left Shiva many times in the past, casting off her mortal body. Shiva made Parvati perform astounding austerities and yoga, before accepting her as his consort. Parvati attained immortality and her yogic feats enabled her telgu emanate the various wrathful forms to slay demons Durga, Ambika, Kali, Chandi, Chamunda, Kaushiki, Bhadrakali, etc. He is the god of all art-forms. Tri-lochan-Ujjvala-netras Tri-shikhi cha Tri-loka-path. Tri-britto-Nayano Dimbhah Shantah Shanta-jana-praiyah.

Bhairava has three large bright eyes. His hair is arranged in 3 on locks tri-shikha.

He is the embodiment of Peace and loved by all those who have attained peace of mind. Vatuko Vatukeshas cha khatvanga-vara-dharaka. Bhutadhyakshah Pahupatir Bhikshukah Paricharakah. He is called by all these names: He holds the Vara blessing gesture and the Khatvanga weapon in his hands. Bhairava is the master of all animals Pashu literally means Animal. But those human beings who are not telutu, are also considered as Pashu animals in Tantra.

Whoever is bound by ignorance is a Pashu, or, animal. Bhairava wanders in this world taking ,ala disguise of a beggar Bhikshukawith the skull of Brahmadeva as his begging bowl.

So, Bhairava is both a beggar and the giver of alms in the form of riches, boons and knowledge. Dhurtto digambarah shaurir-harinah pandu-lochanah. Prashantah shantidah suddhah shankarah priyabandhavah. Shiva is all-pervading, infinite, so the directions Dik are unable to envelop him like a cloth Ambara.

He is naked, as he is infinite. Astadharah Kaladharah Sarpayukta Shashi-shikhah. Although he appears in Tamasic forms Like drinking wine, eating flesh, accepting animal sacrifices, wandering in cremation grounds, etc. He can see everything at all times, past, present and future. He like Shiva, has snakes around his neck and a crescent moon emits pleasant light from his matted Jata. Diseases and fatigue of devotees disappear by meditating on this moon —————————————————————————.


Ni Mundi cha Naag-Yajnopabita-vaan. Only the Sudras were left out. In the beginning of the sacrifice, after the initiation ceremony, they were given this threads to wear. Some sacrifices could take several days to complete.

Vatuk Bhairav is the Lord of this world, this earth and this soil. He is also master over those who hold this world like the King kn snakes named Vasukior over those who rule earth. He wears ornaments made from bones and also garlands of human heads around his neck Belonging to Brahma, Sati, etc. His sacred-thread is made from a coil of snakes, instead of string. This snake symbolism signifies the mastery over Kundalini energy.

Jrimbhano Mohanah Stambhi Maranah Kshobhanas-tatha. Shuddha Neelanjana Prakkho-deho Munda-Vibhushitah. Ancient yogis going back to the Vedic era possessed these powers. In the Puranic era, and the era where Tantra prevailed, these were coveted and feared. Yogi Jalandhar Nath Jalandhari Pa, guru of Kanipa Nath was annoyed with some gods who disagreed and displayed insubordination and put them kalq hypnosis Mohana. When they came to their senses, they were hanging upside-down from trees, pleading for release!

Yogi Gorakhnath induced unhappiness Kshobhan in the marital life of King Bhartrihari to pull him out of his household and royal pleasures. Bhartrihari became a great Nath yogi called Vichar Nath. Sage Kapilmuni burnt to ashes with his gaze Maranaprinces of Sagara dynasty. On the hands of unselfish Yogis, these powers were always applied for some greater good. Like the Sagara king Bhagirath, who brought down river Ganga from heaven to deliver his burnt ancestors.

All the above powers are granted to the proper bhsirav of Bhairava, who will not try to use them for evil ends.

Kalabhairava Rakshakavacham

A Tamasic meditation is suggested here. Balibhuk balibhutatma kami kama-parakrama. He is the destroyer of Kama Shiva burnt Kama-deva, the god of desire, to ashes with a gaze from his third eye. He puts down by force curbs evil-spirits and withholds them.

Bhairava is an emanation of Shiva. So, all malefic spirits meekly serve him for fear of destruction. Hence Bhairava is dusta-bhuta-nishevitah. Kaalah Kalanidhi Kantah Kamini-Vashakridvashi. Sarva-siddhi-prado Vaidyah Prabhavishnu Prabhavabaan.

The Nada or, primal sound flows from his Damaru hand drumShiva taught Rishi Paninithe formulas Shiva Sutra of Sanskrit grammar with 14 beats of his drum. We find in Nandikeshwara Karika, the famous and poetically rich verse.