Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential futures. Addison Coleman’s life is one. Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential n. Perfect for fans of Sliding Doors, Kasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential n Coleman’s life.

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Karen Casale October 22, at 7: Addie searches each possible future to decide which outcome will be most beneficial – and discovers that her decision will not be quite as simple as she’d imagined. Emotion no living person is making me feel. But, of course, things are not quite so simple.

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Even the reason why Addie, the super special narrator who has the ability to see the consequences of her decisions, needs to make this choice is set up really lamely and feels almost trite. I think this might have been explained and I probably looked over it but how did the Compound football team pviot against other Norm teams. I love knowing that I love steak, so guess what, I’ll always choose steak, or that chicken dest, no matter my age, will always be my jam.

I have a hard time trying to figure out which sest to go to or which movie to watch when given a choice. You will at first think, “Oh wow, Kasie West is a cover model too?? Addie’s starting something with the local football ewst. I eat Junior Mints. I almost got my heart broken at some point, but I was glad to quickly gather the missing pieces and put them back together.


Another enjoyable aspect in the book. Since Addie has lived in the Compound all her life, and has her best friend Laila, she’d thought the choice would be obvious. End, she would chose to live with her father and be happy with Trevor. Each choice comes with some devastating consequences and following Addie as she figures things out and makes some really tough decisions is actually really fun.

Addie has to make a big decision and it is wesy about what parent to choose or what boyfriend, it is about so much more.

Or not so quiet after all. That’s another reason I wasn’t happy-I really kwsie really reeeeeeaaaallllyyy wanted more Trevor time, but instead I had to share it with her other path. I loved the zombie notes. I found this gave it a very neat spin as, even tough we get two different reality poiht, they’re intertwined together to give us one complete story.

I actually don’t know even now why she had to act that wezt, but, though I am sympathethic and even tend to connect more easily with a socially-awkward character, Addison just seemed ridiculous without an acceptable reason, not genuinely goofy, or self-conscious, wedt whatever.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I laughed so much because he was so funny and together they were the cutest couple Note to self: Perfect for fans of Sliding DoorsKasie West’s riveting novel Pivot Point follows a girl with the power to see her potential futures. This is why playing with time in any way is tricky with over-analyzing minds such as mine!

Case in point, Pivot Pointwhich takes the common enough science fiction idea of alternate futures serving as sort of a life lesson or teaching pount and turns it on its head with all angst, all the time. Is he trying to drive me crazy? In the other path, Addie’s being pursued ipvot the hottest boy at her school in the Compound—a guy who Addie insists on avoiding. Aside from all the cute swoony romance, of course!


She calls her best friend over and, to help decide, uses her powers as a searcher to see both paths in the future.

Pivot Point Series by Kasie West

These two alternatives each have a love interest, each have interesting secondary characters, each with different dilemmas and mysteries of their own. She has a very distinct personally and a likableness to her, and she was never pathetic or an easy swooner when it comes to guys. So, kadie Pivot Pointbut you completely missed the whole point of the concept. It was also just her personality in general which I could relate to.

Addison has the ability to search her future and see the outcome of a path she takes. She’s saying she knows she’s tougher than her. Addie’s choice becomes a bit more complicated when her best friend Leila gets into trouble because of her telepathic drug-addicted father, and Addie is the only one who knows exactly what’s going to happen and when.

The book is set up in alternating kaxie of each possible outcome i. Jul 17, alyssa rated it really liked it Recommended to alyssa by: The author could’ve done so much better and went beyond what she wrote when it comes to the Compound. Not quite, but it is one hell of a debut!! Addie loves her life just as it is, so her answer should be easy.