So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training. Does anyone know if there is a good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney (or east coast), Australia? Last time I looked into it the only way you could . I recently completed the instructional video on how to build your own kayak ergometer from a Nordic Track ski machine. The plans and part list.

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Or for more information you should visit web portals.

I think it is also perfect to do a lot of solid training for kids at school. You will find other such DIY ergometers online but many of them are very long and look like they have bed frames attached to the front of the device which causes ropes to rub, require a lot of erhometer, and are not really portable.

DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available!

The “nose” is the old vertical, computer is the same, front legs were modified, back legs were the old skis. The price was good and the build quality of the unit is excellent. My new design of a kayaking ergometer made from a Nordic Track ski machine.


Took me about 3 weeks from purchase to finish not that it is really finished but it works great. Lots of extra holes and such from changing things around to get it to work.

I have a weird fondness for old-school boats. Found โ€” lost kayak.

Kayak Ergo

The foot ergoneter you use for your Kayak Ergometer has your feet almost touching together โ€” looks like a surf ski type position to me. For some reason my version of the SpeedStroke Gym does not have this height adjustment feature.

I have two question. I recently competed on these machines in an indoor championship and can attest to kaayk difference between my less costly erg and the GYM. You should search that.

Especially with the K1. Definitely a cool looking erg. I live in Ireland and well no one in Ireland seems to know what a nordic track thingy is and getting a second hand one seems impossible. Jeff, the device can be built with either the square legs or the rounded ones and the video discusses both approaches.

I’m trying erometer figure out a way to retrofit my machine to add this feature on. Kayak racer and fitness enthusiast in Charlottesville, VA. Published by Dave The Kayaker.

Protected by R Antispam. Each side is separate rope using bungees for tension. View all posts by Dave The Kayaker. But, try to demo a Gym if you ergpmeter. The paddlelite is out of Germany but there is an Australian distributor. Hi Dave, I try to search on ebay.

  DIN 18381 PDF

This leads me to many different options, some of which are pretty darn expensive. It’s smooth like butta’ and has an impeccable catch and stroke simulation.

Does that include the Nordic Track fly wheel? Every paddle stroke feels like a water stroke. Charlottesville kayakerDave The Kayakerexercises for kayakerskayakkayak ergometerkayak racingefgometer trainingkayakingNordic Track kayak ergometerNordictrack kayak ergometerTraining.

Kayak Ergo ยป Kayak Ergo

What I really like about it is it’s size. How do I know which will work?

What modification would I have to make to the ergometer to accommodate a wider foot spread? Top kayak races of โ€” 1; The Youghness Monster Homemade kayak ergometer from Nordic Track ski machine. Please let me know if there is any problem with the email or the ergoometer video.

The following user s said Thank You: You might want to check on local availability first, but this video will also offer tips on how to get one for a great price or even free. Notify me of new comments via email.

That Nordic Track will work.