The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix provides a systematic and efficient framework for organizing, gathering, and evaluating information for successful decision making. Learn more about the Kepner Tregoe method, to expand your problem solving this problem solving method is Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM). The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. It is sometimes called a root cause analysisand.

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I agree to Kepner-Tregoe processing my personal information regarding this request. Once you have completed the necessary steps in order to think about your choice from a variety of angles, you should have the confidence needed to make the right selection. How many decisions do you make in a day? Always up-to-date with our latest practical posts and updates? It is a step-by-step approach eecision systematically solving problems, making xecision, and analyzing potential risks.

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The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

Book a Session Register for a workshop. Decision Making Steps Kepner Tregoe describes the following steps to approach decision analysis: Knowing what you would consider to be a success can help you through the rest of the decision making process. Tregoe in the s.

However, just as was the case with the first step, that would be a mistake. Free Strategy Skills Resources See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates decisiion checklists available for free download right now.

HK 12, per participant, HK 10, for 3 or more fees eecision any applicable taxes. Prepare a decision statement having both an action and a result component.


Define the Wants — assign each want a rating of importance — give each alternative a rating of how well it satisfies each want — Multiply the importance x Satisfy ratings and sum 3.

The best of the alternatives is further scrutinized against negative consequences and actions are proposed to minimize the risk. Tregow building may still be on fire! List adverse consequences for each top alternative and evaluate probability high, medium, low and severity high, medium, low.

How to use the Kepner Tregoe decision making model

This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. Step Three — Decision Analysis: Define the problem and determine its root cause. Deciison the step-by-step approach of Kepner Tregoe decision making allows for the use of critical thinking skills in considering many possible factors that may be vital in making the decision. As a consequence, the traditional thinking pattern became a part of human nature. Often there is pressure of time to solve the problems and it is debatable what the right way of solving these problems is.

Here potential future problems are anticipated and preventative actions are developed what will the result be. Much patience and determination may be required! Pros and cons This step-by-step, systematic approach kepned it easy to do the Kepner Tregoe decision analysis.

You can have one or the other, not usually both. Assign a relative score for each alternative on an objective-by-objective basis 6.

Kepner Tregoe |

Not only should you be concerned with the problems themselves, but more importantly, you should be focused on the root causes of those problems. Kepner and Benjamin B. A further defined process, for use in conjunction Kepner Tregoe evaluation tools, is as follows:. You have entered an incorrect email address!


When faced with a problem or decision, you need the right answer—and fast. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods. Make tough decisions aligned with operational priorities. Nominal Group Technique, Pareto Charts, and weighted multivoting are all quite useful. Understand and proactively manage risks and opportunities.

When it has become clear which tasks are to be prioritized action list preparations can be made for potential problems. Kepner Tregoe Posted on May 15 The user of will evaluate alternative courses of action to optimize the selected result based on explicit objectives.

You need to take your time when accurately defining the problem and its underlying causes. Calculate weighted score for each alternative and identify the top two or three.

Before rushing into action making your decision take hold throughout the organization, think about the various issues that may come up and how they will be dealt with.

Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: The founders Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe developed a rational working method in the s in which they researched and identified the troubleshooting skills of people. RM3, per participant, RM2, for 3 or more fees before any applicable taxes. Decision What alternative did you select based solely on the decision analysis tables?

Establish strategic requirements Mustsoperational objectives Wantsand restraints Limits.