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Sri Pratyangira Devi is also associated with Sri Cakra. I am reciting this Kavacham for Ketu keu avert the troubles causing because of Ketu. It is said that when Lord Narasimhadeva, an incarnation of the supreme Lord Vishnu, did not calm down after the slaying of the demon Hiranyakshipu, many great sages were praying for his peaceful form.

Numbers in the end of lines below indicate number of verses.

Lectures at Ilford and London Bhajagovindam: Pratyangira was released from his wing and then she took the female form of Narasimha, and calmed kavxcham the Lord. In her full form, she is humongous, with heads symbolically representing the petalled Sahasrara Chakra, the universal chakra of cosmic energy and hands, riding majestically on a chariot pulled by 4 lions representing the 4 Vedascarrying many swords for removing obstacles.

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These include lectures in English, Hindi, and Kavaham. Listen to Mahageeta as for Ashtavakragita. The following Rigveda Mantras are available in real audio format, Devanagari, transliteration displays, and with English translations and other details.


The most recent price of this app on Google Play. Temple, Pittsburgh – Good stotra kteu and audios: Most of the texts are available among Sanskrit Documents Collection. Currently it contains several small and simple stories from the sanskrit chandamama for your listening pleasure.

Ketu Kavacham in Telugu

Sri Prathiyangira Devi Temples: If Ketu happens to be with Moon or Venus Shukra in the horoscope, then troubles in married life are visible. Those who have Sarpa Dosham or often get scary dreams involving Ksvacham can worship Prathyangira Devi for instant relief.

Times Point Know more. Whosoever wears it, will become free from all diseases. There is a video rendering in the end of Hymns from the Vedas with Vedic chanting and associated Sanskrit text.

audio : Sanskrit Documents

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi is all powerful and secretly protects devotees and others. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac.

In the horoscope if Ketu is badly placed, in bad houses then this Ketu Kavacham is required to be recited daily to avert the troubles because of Ketu. Means of knowledge Thursday 14 Oct Talk 1.

According to another story, it is also believed that Sages Angiras and Prathyangiras meditated on this Devi and as a result Prathyangira appeared in front of them and pleased with their bhakti offered to have their names combined as hers. Garuda eagle face, giving health and counteracting poisonsVarahadeva a boar face, removing black magicHanuman monkey face, protecting from evil forces, and returning lost objectsBaluka bear face, protectig in darkness and giving opulenceHayagriva horse face, giving wisdom and life forceVyagra tiger face, giving protection in battle and liberating teluhu all kinds of diseases, evil spirits and demonsGandaberundha two faces of a special bird like telutu, giving peace of mind and Lord Narasimha himself lion face, giving liberation and devotional service to the Supreme.


An awareness of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi teluug been only quietly known, until recently.

Let my all body be protected by Narapingala. Kavachzm feared that his anger might destroy the three worlds and all creations will come to a stand-still.

What is this world? Saturn Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs. She is also called Narasimhi.

We provide the following columns: Red Banana Chevvazhai Pazham 6. Keep our mind in peace.