9/13/ 28 Comments. Picture. Warning: This feature is currently under revision.. all information may not be up to date.. What is Elterngeld? In Germany. 29 juil. Released on undefined – Tattoos [Special Edition]. Tattoos [Special Edition]. Released on undefined – Reloaded. Tipps und Hinweise, wie das Kindergeld in der Steuererklärung zu vermerken ist. Wo wird es eingetragen und wer muss das Kindergeld vermerken?.

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My mediocre German leads me to believe that instead of looking at the income I made in the 12 months prior to the birth, they will look at the previous calendar year’s income.

Kindergeld für Menschen im oder aus dem Ausland

I’m not due until Feb. How early is it necessary to apply? Hi Sarah Really useful information, thank you so much for posting, people like you are invaluable to us ignorant foreigners. My husband is a student and Im a housewife. Just know about elterngeld. So for example, the mother can take eight months and the father six months and this can be taken at the same time or subsequently to each other. The parents can decide how many months the father and mother each take themselves.

Hi Sarah, The quicklink to the online form doesn’t seem to be working. Wie das funktioniert, zeigt unsere Infografik:. Can you clarify about the calculation period for self-employed.

Single parents can receive fourteen months of Elterngeld.

I am waiting for a translation of this form: Hi Tea, I’m kinderteldantrag sure why your employer recommended that, but no, you should wait until after the birth. We both have work and residence permit. Of course, the Elterngeld of each parent is based on the income they themselves earned before the birth of the baby so this should be considered when planning on how many months each to take. Das hat das Statistische Bundesamt errechnet.


Is there anything else I and hesxen need to know as a selbst-staendige? Hi Mei Li, Thank you, I’m glad you have found the site useful. Could you post the URL? Thanks for this information. This is also valid if you have two older children under the age of six.

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Elterngeld is paid for a total of fourteen months after the birth of a child. Really great site, very simple and clear.

If you can help, thank you so much! Hi Sarah, Do you know how it works for income earned outside of Germany? Heswen Sie bekommen Kindergeld oder den Kinderfreibetrag. Doch hier gelten die gleichen Regeln wie oben: It is important that you apply within the first 3 months after having your baby, so I would fill in the paperwork quickly.

Sourcesource How much Elterngeld will I receive?

Kindergeld in der Steuererklärung vermerken

I’m fairly sure it would not count! Am I eligible for elterngeld? Allerdings kann man nicht beides haben: Here is a breakdown of the payment you will receive based on your average net income in the twelve months prior to having your baby: All the best kindegreldantrag your application. Auch dann nicht, wenn das Kind ein berufsbegleitendes Studium beginnt. Ihr Kind auf einen Ausbildungs- oder Studienplatz warten muss. Where can i get the forms and how is it to be posted. Elterngeld is only for the first months of your child’s life so you won’t qualify for it.


Sarah Berlin for all the Family.

I would ask you if I am eligible to Elterngeld? Hi Kewai, thank you. It is a fabulous invention in my opinion!

Familienkasse Halle

Lesen Sie mehr dazu in unserem Artikel Kind mit Behinderung: It is kincergeldantrag to fill in all the information that you can pre-birth as it’s much easier without a baby in the house and then write notes of what you need to fill in once the baby is there ie. As for splitting the Elternzeit in to parts such as you proposed, I’m not sure. Who is eligible for Kinderfeldantrag But I need to apply all of them. Hi Alicia, it is dependent on if you hedsen working in a country that is a member of the EU or not.

With these things, it is always good to speak to the organisation themselves to be sure though as only they can confirm for definite. Hi Sarah, really useful information. Hi Debbie, yes, that’s correct that the calculation will be made from the previous calenders income.

Familie Schmidt hat drei Kinder.