Kissing Kate. Kate was Lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss Lissa, and Lissa. Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle – book cover, description, publication history. Kate was lissa’s best friend. they’ve shared everything for four years. then one night at a drunken party, Kate leaned in to kiss lissa, and.

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And supposedly it’s pretty painful. You are a great person and I like everyone. Lissa discovers that she has always been in love Kate, while Kate precedes to myraclee Lissa does not exist. It was like the author passed by a bookshelf, saw this book, bought it and decided to try to add some info into her novel to make it more interesting. We’d like to think that Lissa is going to be ,auren, but you’re left with the feeling that you can’t be sure. Cute” then put it down and grabbed another book to start on.

Kussing book started off really great, honestly. Was it because Kate was gorgeous and popular? In Kissing Kate its about 2 best friends that get drunk and kiss and, well other things. The kafe was pretty. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

My one real complaint with the novel was the introduction of lucid dreaming. Just don’t expect it to have all the answers. Kate does not want to talk about the experience and wants to igmore the problem until it just goes away.

Books by Lauren Myracle.

Kissing Kate

I think Adult Lissa would look back at this time in her life, and be like. So, Kate starts hanging out with someone else and kind of ignores Lissa. I’m just going to say that I’m very disappointed. You’re the best YA book I’ve read featuring lesbians, but goddamnit, you could’ve been so much more.


Why have Lissa question it, have Ariel act possessive and strange, have Finn act all self-conscious and no one say what was really wrong with it?

Kissing Kate – Lauren Myracle – Google Books

Obviously, she’s not completely adverse to the idea. Jun 18, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: A book as an intimate object.

For klssing, I don’t mind that the whole novel was just about Lissa’s self-discovery and her learning to overcome the power of a bad friend – in fact, I really really liked that aspect, I related to Lissa somewhat.

There is a lot of foreshadowing of the kiss, mainly lead by Kate, and even if she doesn’t admit it, I think I know what road Kate is going to go down. Afterwards the one ignores the other and they dotn talk for a few days because the other one is e mabresed by it.

And, as you’re an inanimate object I can’t spell to save my life, so spell check corrected inannimate to intimate.

She struggles with the aftermath of kissing her kiwsing friend and does not try to write it off. When a book handles a dangerous,powerful, hard subject such as coming to terms with your sexuality – and accepting it – I feel as if it should be fantastic, should make me bawl or something along the same lines.

It is true that there could more character development, but most young adult novels are meant to be light, quick reads. A kiss that for a brief moment has Lissa reaching for the stars, until Kate, clearly unhinged by the situation, runs to the nearest boy and leaves Lissa utterly alone. May 01, Kristine Hansen rated it really liked it Shelves: Before we get to the reveal, here’s a message from Meredith: She shouldn’t be out by herself.

Overall this was a good book, but really nothing more. I wish we kising have seen a bit more of him.

Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

All Ariel did was kxte Lissa “you-go-girl”, Life lessons and control her life. I loved the idea of the story. I have a hard time believing that if Lissa cares for Kate as much as she claims she does, she’ll just one day wake up and be all peaceful and decide to drop Kate all together, just because Kate is having a hard time dealing with this.


Kissing Kate by Kissinh Myracle. She was born in in North Carolina. Ariel was supposed to be weird, but she was still flat and lacking of depth.

But with the help of a free-spirit new friend, Lissa’s beginning to find the strength to realize that sometimes falling in love with the wrong person is the only way to find your footing. FAQs Advertise Become a member. And those moments were when we actually got glimpses into the relationship between Lissa and Kate. As far as the supporting characters This was a really sweet story and it had a good message, I personally just found it a little slow and overly quirky at times.

You’re like that guy going down on his girlfriend who pulls away and refuses to continue, no matter how much she begs. And how she pointed out Lissa may not even laurne a full lesbian, and may instead be bisexual, or JUST attracted to Kate and no one else.

We Thought We Were Invincible.


Then one summer night Kate kissed Lissa-and Lissa kissed her back. Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. She didnt really do the characters justice and the “journey” that Lissa goes through could have been much more eventful – which would have made a good opportunity to create more emotional and dramatic reactions from the main character, instead of having her lying in bed and not doing much of anything. What did Beth contribute?

I Like it and at the end of the story i was like watda?!?