“Brilliantly written. An inspired thriller. His finest work.” —The Washington Post “A masterpiece of terror.” —Los Angeles Times“Completely plotted, thickly. Koko. Peter Straub, Author Dutton Books $ (0p) ISBN a playing card with “Koko” scrawled on it, was also a member of the platoon. Koko, released in , was Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. Straub had been a.

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Of course, I’m a Lynch fan so I don’t know: Indeed, a lot of that stuff is among my favorite material in the novel. We’ll return to that idea in a bit, but first, it might be helpful to briefly recap Straub’s career up to this point:.

I hope other people really like it though. It has been at least a decade since I last tried to read this book, which I had attempted before on two previous occasions.

KOKO By Peter Straub

My friend, evidently, was in no hurry to rejoin the domestic scene. In other words, he had time to formulate proper, considered answers.

Koko First edition cover. It delves into child abuse, killing of innocents, and the sex trade industry. There are some scenes in the novel– truly disturbing things, things you would never want to witness in person– that I had to read over a second time because they were handled matter-of-factly. But, what I have found with horror writers, they seem to have a need to prove that they are better writers, which is ridiculous, and begin to picture themselves as great literary figures. Having never read another Straub book I was none the less persuaded to give him, independent of King, a try.

These were called ‘Koko’ and ‘Mystery’ It has a lot to say about war, PTSD and the meaninglessness of murder, but there is material that sprawls over pages of this book that haven’t aged all that well. It’s mostly the story of Harry Beevers’ childhood, and it really gave me the creeps. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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I got exhausted ,oko this plot summary in its myriad directions, though. Do we need to go to work with Conor? On the first petter of “The Throat”, narrator Tim Underhill writes ” A lot to consider there, but it passes the smell-test with me; topics for further consideration at a later date!

He hears something in the darkness and reaches for kokk knife. If Koko is your first Peter Straub book, don’t expect to find another one that is better.

He has a great deal to teach me, but I believe in the Shakespearean setup of a story, by presenting the crisis and working it through in a modern style of not taking ten pages that can be expressed in two or three.

He fooled those who were expecting a supernatural tale like his two previous novels; there is little if any of supernatural in Kokobut there’s plenty of ghosts. In this way, his narrative—often revolving kokl cooking and writing—reminded me of John Irving more than King.

No one who did not serve in Vietnam is capable of writing about that experience. Poole himself accidentally shoots a child after the soldiers began taking kkoko from the jungle. Books by Peter Straub. As the reunion goes underway their former commanding officer does show them something that really spooks them.

I think Sheehan sums up what I’m talking about best.

So here we have a pure but unsteady case of denial happily able to maintain itself through merciless effort. Tina does have a very brief fling with a trans woman named Dracula, though, and doesn’t seem super concerned about whether she might actually have been a he. Well, because that is also the best way to describe half the characters in this piece of work. I think you really need to read the story “Blue Rose” to understand Koko better.


Peter Straub has clever and engaging narrative techniques that keep the novel fun even when not much is happening, my favorite being the phone calls between Judy Poole and Pat Caldwell as a way to indirectly deliver information.

Dengler is not his real mother. John DeBeauregard” on the peteg cover, I’m probably going to quit reading at some point.

As for who might adeptly adapt “Koko” into a cinematic format, the only name I can come up with at the moment in Noah Hawley. Mine might be a bit further down, but they’re still well past wherever the demarcation line indicating the place where enjoyment begins.

Koko by Peter Straub

Michael explains this to Murphy, the policeman who arrested Underhill, and reveals that Koko is not Spitalny as they had thought, but M. Those “vital new areas” eventually took the form of Koko. It delves into child abuse, killing of i This is the start of a trilogy.

Jul 23, James Renner rated it it was amazing. I’ve read “Mystery” probably 4 or petee times over the years and never realized how it’s part of a trilogy until this year. Underhill narrates the end of the story, and imagines Koko’s first few days in Honduras and the constant anxiety that would come with them. Open Preview See a Problem?