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Conocemos a Clementine, una chica asustada que teme admitir como se siente por sus propios prejuicios y los de la sociedad.

Expressionist painters adored blue, using the radiant shades for the powerful expression of moods and emotions. Julie Maroh born is an author and illustrator originally from northern France. It’s predominantly black and white with important persons or objects sticking out, being colored in blue Mraoh hair being the most dominant feature here.

Blue is the Warmest Color Discussion. It just makes me think of s stories like The Children’s Hour — this, from the passionate French!

Blue Is the Warmest Color (comics) – Wikipedia

The movie… changed the ending…. Hoy hemos perdido la inocencia.

Where was the joy?! This is clear from the first page, so it’s not a spoiler. My first venture into graphic novels, that was only really bought on by watching the Palme d’Or winning film of which I found astonishing, sexy as hell, but also profoundly moving. Quotes from Le bleu est une c So it marlh about time to read the Graphic Novel which it is based upon. Y somos muy volubles I can only assume this means that the film must really, uh, flesh out all the scenes of two attractive young women doing it.


The comic has more Tragedy! So my salacious need for too-hot-for-children-under-seventeen-to-handle material has been slightly sated.

“Corps sonores” : le nouvel hymne à l’amour de Julie Maroh

Midway through the book, it feels like Maroh got bored with this story and rushed it. Y coueur quiero apaciblemente Maybe it’s the ending, that was really dissatisfying for me. I remember talking to my brother Hasan while ago about story structures, we were discussing animations and illustrators, what goes around in the fundamentals of storytelling. Depende de lo que nosotros percibimos y vivimos.

Fundirme en sus brazos. Their relationship needed fleshing out though. Emma had her own struggles and frustrations, which was surprisingly different from Clem’s. This was apparently a movie. It’s still a very important and realistic story that everyone should read. This is translated into English from France. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat One example would be Emma’s ex-girlfriend. The Graphic Novel ends differently to the movie, btw. In the film, they are much too long 7 minutes!

But I have read a few. Interestingly, the movie version, which I also loved, solves all of these problems. I hope you guys dont mind. We can see why Clem feels what she feels for her and why she is loved in return by Emma.


View all 5 comments. It’s about a girl named Clementine who was trying to get into terms with her sexuality. Now who am I to challenge Julie Maroh in that statement!?

It broke me when the thing that happened happened. Once they hit 30, the book gets silly and ridiculous to pump up the drama.

Le bleu est une couleur chaude by Julie Maroh

I want to see the recently released Blue is the Warmest Color because I am the kind of degenerate who will buy a ticket to to the movie-house whenever a NC flick rears its sexually-explicit head.

The whole thing is very creative. For Kandinsky, blue was the colour of spirituality: Y ya no volveremos a ser los mismos. HELP Anybody here who has an ebook of this book? Will this be just as great?

Le Bleu est une couleur chaude

Hopefully Maroh will pull a Kill Bill and put all of the substance she missed into a bldu volume. Partly, the story was just packed with every stereotype of the coming out process. Clem is an adolescent: In Romanticism Novalisblue stands for the dream, the immenseness of longing, the remoteness of the ideal.