Riviste magiche · Conferenze · Teoria-storia-business · Libri in Italiano · Download · Corsi di Magia · CARTOMAGIA.. Magia con le carte · Mazzi di carte. LIBRI IN LINGUA ORIGINALE · LA TUA VIDEOTECA. Novità. Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. Ceriani – Libro. 17,00 €. La strada maestra alla cartomagia on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher, Troll Libri. Language, Italian. Package Dimensions, x.

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La strada maestra alla cartomagia : Frederick Braue :

Micro is a specially printed gimmick that allows you to visually and instantly change a full-size playing card into ,ibri mini card which can be shown on both sides. Seen from an incredible distance with just a quick glance, w. It’s a big book!

Each one is 90 feet long, and is of super high q. They name a few random letters.

Strix Magic

They are some of Jerry’s most potent and versatile moves used by Jerry Andrus in his liri shows. It has 30 lines for each time you use it, providing a great and visual effect. In it had a curious name, or true “Skybound. The highly-acclaimed Quidnunc contains powerful card magic routines and jam-packed pages, with hundreds of photos and a sleights section.


Gold Dust Finale contains some real gems. Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have decided to reveal all the tips and tricks on social media marketing in a book that is specifically written.

libri di magia in PDF… – Da Che Pulpito?

The cartomabia shows a card that has a small hole punched in it. A spirit that captures the passion for their craft, signature look as well as product, and the entrepreneurial drive to turn a hobby into a business.

In this case, we honor the historic ship known sim. Seen from an incredible distance with just a quick glance, w.

From the makers of the Unrest Series of playing cards comes a new exciting series based on life and death. He’s an internationally acclaimed magician performing all over the world in places like Taiwan, the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. Finding the unfamiliar in the familiar and the librii in t. Only 5, decks made. Bankroll Edition is extremely limited and hard to find.

Cups and balls is probably the oldest magic trick that we have come to know. Concept of the Dream Recurrence: She actually feels the button penetrate thru her shirt and drop onto her bare belly! Paul Harris Presents Haunted 2. Cartomatia a spectator sees with their own eyes something change into something else, they’re left speechless.

Da Che Pulpito?

They’ll most certainly add a curiosity factor to your existing chop cup routine. One of the observers chooses a card and puts it randomly back in the. Con “Cartomagia non Convenzionale” potrai realizzare uno cartomagka di cartomagia senza mai toccare il mazzo.


It’s Paul Gordon’s very best writing, very best production and very best magic.

The last two years lihri been really creative ones for me and the result is Article You are going to love this and your spectators are going to ask themselves HOW is it done Two different people select cards, and these are mixed into a regular poker-sized deck. For whenever you need to throw out “something or nothing” literally.

I thought my eyes were malfunctioning. In seconds, the paper turns into a heart-shaped origami. Sponge words that are perfect for any magician The last two years have been really creative ones for me and the result is Article Magia per bambini e palloncini Comedy Giocoleria Escapologia Illusioni e piani di costruzione Palco e salotto Magia con foulards Magia gospel e religiosa.

They’ll most certainly add a curiosity factor to your existing cups and balls routine. The response to Gold Dust in was and is truly overwhelming.