By default the scripting language used by LoadRunner is C. If there are any Java based applications recorded. To illustrate LoadRunner as a solution for load testing, this tutorial uses You use VuGen (LoadRunner’s Virtual User Generator) to create Vuser scripts. VuGen. Free HP LoadRunner Training Tutorials – LoadRunner load testing tool Online Day #5 Tutorial: VUGen Runtime Settings (Duration: ).

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Tutorial – 1: How do we record an application using LoadRunner?

By default the scripting language used by LoadRunner is C. Click on the Start Analyzing button. This is done by recording the actual business vuben. However, this is an advanced use of record time settings. Just Imagine if ever the Amazon site were to go down if the load on the system was not accounted for.

Ensure that Internet Explorer version 10 or higher is installed on the machine. For example, we can create a transaction checkpoint ttorial for the login part of the application.

LoadRunner Online Training

You can add custom rules if you know what your application SUL is using as parameters. The VuGen tool will generate scripts based on these scenarios which can then be played back. In our exercise, we choose Action.


For the demo purpose, we chose the Web browser option. This will open the main window of Protocol Advisor.

Your business scenario may need you to to make your test script more generic to work under different circumstances. VUGen facilitates switching to other actions or creates new actions during and after recording.

This is because no client to server loadrunnrr takes place as you type.

HP Loadrunner Tutorial for Beginners

For example, a dashboard in some application may have Ajax or Flex, etc. The script will look like the screenshot shown below. If you notice, this resembles a bit with the window appearing for recording. Your email address will not be published. This is very useful and highly recommended for test scripts. Ensure the test scenarios are defined properly in the Controller.

LoadRunner Tutorial – Step by Step Guide For Beginners – Set Skill

Before loadrjnner start using LoadRunner, it is important to have a basic understanding of Performance Testing and why we need to test the performance of any application. Start the process of recording various events into the Vuser script.

This tutorial will use a travel service application. The default is set to 60, Perform the desired actions within the application, which need to be recorded.

The first step is to record your business scenario. Normally the load testing team is not responsible for the application under test. Login in your application using the following credentialsUser name — jojoPassword — beanYou will then be logged on to the application and be presented with the below screen. If you click on the The Test Results link in the above screen, you loadrunber get a drilled down report of the test. This is the general configuration loadrinner by the rules once the recording loadrumner complete.


Open the login page for the application Log loavrunner the application Open a Generate report page Enter the required details to generate the report Generate the Report Controller — Ideally for any application, you will have many Vuser scripts and various settings under which each script needs to run. C ompleting the recording session: In a real-world problem, one needs to get acquainted with the subject application SUL especially if it involves complex business workflows and data stages.

Network All the options on this screen should be left as it is.

So for example if you have a sub request for an image, the URL recording for the image would be recorded in the URL based script.