The United States, unlike much of the world, still relies heavily on paper checks for payments. In order to facilitate internal control and to. This document explain about step by step configuration and processes for SAP Lock Box functionality. This PDF depicts various steps for Lockbox Process Configuration.

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This field should contain the destination code the bank submits to you in your lockbox file. Lockbox file when processed will generate below accounting posting. January 28, at Finally an alternative payer should be entered on a customer master record if another customer account will pay the bills for the customer.

September 23, at 9: Thanks a lot, Gagan.

Activating this field is recommended. Our documents are not SAP official education materials. September 23, at Again view customer invoice cofiguration will be displayed as cleared from the payment received and posted via lockbox.

Hi Gagan Pareek Thanks for share the document with us. Difference between BAI and BAI2 BAI2 is advised as because it has greater probability of producing automatic matches in the processing and because it allows one to record deduction information and create proper residual postings.


Lock Box configuration | SAP Financial

Additionally, the MICR and customer account number also need to uniquely identify a single customer within the system. Lockboxs help in speedy deposit of funds and clearance of customer accounts. This step completes the Defining Lockbox for House Bank. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Former Member Post author. configruation

Lockbox Configuration

Thanks Veenu for highlighting that …Rectified the entries now. Click on green execute button.

In SAP tolerance limits are set for users and customer accounts with the stricter limits applying. June 10, at 5: Cr Lockbox Clearing Account. Control Parameters are maintained by default. Thanks a lot Gagan. November 13, at 3: Customer Master Record Settings: December 3, at We can only use the pen delivered by SAP. To change a tolerance select the company code then press the Details icon.

Cr Bank Clearing Account — incoming. October 20, at 2: August 7, at 1: For example account is for PNC Bank.


lockbox configuration in sap

Thank you so much. Click the button to display the details…. The tolerances are defined by company code and at a minimum there must be one assigned to each company code otherwise no postings can occur in the company code.

Dr Lock box clearing account. Maintain Bank details in customer master data which bank will send in lockbox file.

Lockbox Configuration In SAP

Transaction OB56 is used to configure the text that appears on a line item based on the reason code entered. Click the button to display the details. Preparing the Lockbox file for the test purposes To make it easy the customer invoice number is highlighted. October 23, at 6: