Sleeping With The Wolf After The Crash 1. FREE at Amazon! Alpha wolf Taye knows Carla is his mate. Losing her is unacceptable. He wins the Bride Fight. Sleeping With the Wolf – After the Crash #1. Maddy Barone. Publisher: Maddy Barone. 0; 3; 0. Summary. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in . Read “Sleeping With the Wolf After the Crash, #1” by Maddy Barone with Rakuten Kobo. When a plane takes off from Minneapolis Minnesota in.

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Sleeping With The Wolf

Sleepinf for your friend that teaches chemistry I have my master in Oceanography with minor in marine biology and am still playing with fresh water, think its about time I move back to the sea or I’ll have to go back to teaching and as much fun as that was I would rather play on a boat during the day.

Shmoow rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Audible AudioUnabridged4 pages. Taye and his men protect her and she does a little damage herself and they’re baronf to get safely home.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Clementine Cage, she rocks!! The buildings are old and decrepit and there doesn’t seem to be any technology functioning. I’m a little disappointed. She acted like a teenager without any life experience and a cliche romance of well he is thf looking but I’m not going to like him until a quarter into the book.


I am very intrigued in seeing where this series is headed. Sherry’s Wolf After the Crash 3. December 1, ISBN: Jul 09, Kate’s Corner rated it liked it Shelves: Alright um me being witty It’s not time for me to let my warrior of love conquer your tunnel yet. But my thing with the romance was that i found it hard to believe.

This book is a wolf-shifter type romance story with a different twist. No submissive men found in our books! Aug 02, Kelli rated it liked it Shelves: I didn’t really hear a good one. Things are not like they used to be.

Sleeping With the Wolf (After the Crash, #1) by Maddy Barone (5 star ratings)

He’s thrilled to find that one of the women in the bride fight has been chosen by his wolf as his mate. A jet wo,f off in from Minneapolis headed for Denver with a cabin full of people. The attraction with Taye is immediate, and she does put sleepingg a good fight. What is left is the remains of a civilization after a nuclear war. I read other reviews that complained of the heroine taking too long to accept her new and unusual situation, but I found the opposite to be true.

I guess I’m just difficult to please. Eighteen year old schoolgirl Jenny wakes up one day to be confronted by her stepfathers secret-that he desires her sexually. Is it always like this? I think a better narrator would have been a step in the right direction but I find the main characters too lacking in depth for this book to be better without a rewrite Has Sleeping with the Wolf turned you off from other books in this genre?


I really did enjoy the story, and overall had to give this book a decent score. You don’t have a to write a blog post every day either. The Mayor organizes a “Bride Fight” in which 12 contestants compete to win a bride, and both Carla and Lisa are the prize. Anabel Twardowski rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Kay so this was a pretty short read. Carla is an up and coming country music star when she boards a plane for Denver in the year When I’m not writing I am spinning, knitting or reading.

The plane crashes, but somehow it is transported into the future 50 years. After walking for a couple of days, they come across a lot of abandoned farms and buildings. A lacking story with a worse narration What would have made Sleeping with the Wolf better?

Taye is tender and gentle with Carla, his Lupa. Then be sure to make nice comments on other people’s blogs. Feb 23, Malinda rated it really liked it Shelves: Carla is a country western singer who boards a plane in and crashes in She did not disappoint and you will find me following this series in the future.