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Are there plans to create other partnerships of this nature in other sports, such as basketball or rugby for example? In this regard, the Commission notes that Italian Law n.

Diese allgemeine Ausnahmeregelung hat der EU den notwendigen politischen Spielraum gelassen, um ihren eigenen Regelungsrahmen zu entwickeln und ifscalidade. Compatibiliteit Nederlandse kolenbelasting met EU-wetgeving.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

These frequencies are extremely valuable and, as called for by the European Commission and the World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva with regard to advancing the digital agenda, from they are to be assigned to mobile broadband services.

What have been the findings contamination level per unit of the tests carried out since ? Can the Commission confirm that eggs from hens in Member States that are not in compliance with the directive are not being exported to other Member States?

In there were 18 cases reported. The Commission was informed that Netherlands intends to cancel the exemption from excise duty on coal used as fuel for power plants. Is the joint processing of such data together with authorities and services outside of Greece in fact being envisaged as a possibility? Una recente ricerca dell’Irccs Fatebenefratelli di Brescia, finanziata dal Settimo programma quadro, ha messo in luce il ruolo dell’ippocampo, ossia l’area cerebrale posta nel lobo temporale e inserita nel sistema limbico.

Welche Kontrollmechanismen gibt es, um festzustellen, dass klassifizierte Dokumente zu Unrecht klassifiziert wurden? The assessment conducted by the Polish Geological Institute for the hydraulic fracturing operation in Lebien, Poland, makes a useful contribution to improving the knowledge about potential risks of shale gas practices, but cannot be used to draw generalised, EU-wide conclusions since it refers to the specific case of a single well LE-2H well.


De Commissie houdt rekening met de behoefte om een bescherming van hoog niveau tot stand te brengen, die ook bevorderlijk is voor de vrijhandel.


Theft of EU funds greater than reported. The control is exercised by the hierarchy of the originator, who needs to approve all official correspondence.

Chiede inoltre una revisione completa delle regole di ingaggio della polizia angplana servizio di contenimento delle manifestazioni violente, tra cui in particolare l’uso di munizioni non letali, anti sommossa in modo da porre termine all’evidente incompetenza.

The unredeemed deposit funds accrue within the collection system the deposit system and are currently used within the collection system. The complete figures will be published in the FTS at fiscalidqde end of the first semester of Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung eines als Verschlusssache eingestuften Dokuments kann der Herausgeber mitteilen, dass dessen Geheimhaltungsgrad zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt oder im Anschluss an ein bestimmtes Ereignis herabgestuft oder aufgehoben werden kann.

A democratic, inclusive and pro-European process is clearly underway in the heart of the European Union, veering towards pro-independence movements and attracting huge public support.

The Commission has published a report today on the negative effects of shale gas extraction on the environment and human health.

FACULDADE DE DIREITO – Universidade Agostinho Neto – República de Angola

Rail accidents in Puglia, intervention of the investigating body. What facts are known as far as tea, coffee, mushrooms, olives, cereals, and straw are concerned? Among the possible actions, the sale of the bank’s industrial participations will certainly be considered. Alors que les mines risquent de se multiplier en Europe, il est plus que jamais urgent de renforcer la protection de ces zones fragiles.

Member States are responsible for ensuring, through efficient national controls and traceability systems, that no distortion of the market is caused by the circulation of eggs not produced in compliance with the applicable legislation. Un an plus tard, qu’en est-il? De Commissie heeft geregeld contact dr de leden van de werkgroep van deskundigen en verschaft waar nodig technische en juridische ondersteuning. If such data exist, on what specific tests are they based urine, blood, or other tests?


Manua steps will the Commission take with a view to calling on the Kingdom of Spain to respect the principles of legality and legitimate confidence, that are upheld by Community law, with regard to investors in solar photovoltaic technology? Competition is constantly developing. It is nanual to see what these changes will be to set out a possible Commission proposal on external representation.

Does the Commission agree that the Danish Government proposes a fee model in which revenue is isolated from costs so that the participants required to pay the fee to the state actually pay more than the net costs associated with the collection of used packaging?

One cause for regret is that the guidance document misrepresents the position under European regulations. Included in this figure are the estimated Detention facilities in Belarus fail to meet the basic hygiene requirements; police officers insult and beat women and abuse their dignity.

Who We Are, Our Team, Lawyers, Jorge Morais – Abreu Advogados

Vehicle loans during temporary stays in other EU countries. The Commission has therefore no reason to question the impartiality and independence of AEA Technology. There is a very strong link between desert areas and animal species.

Growth-enhancing policies, as set in the Foscalidade for Growth agreed by the European Council are one such element. Does the Commission expect that one of the countries mentioned will demand equal treatment with Japan or a renegotiation of existing trade agreements? November in Wien? In view of this, please answer the follow-up questions below:.