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Use of synthetic absorbable sutures for abdominal and chest wound closure, Arch Surg An experimental study, J Royal Society of Med A sliding suture technique for inaccessible arterial anastomoses, Surg Gynecol Obstet 6: Management of abdominal wounds.

Comparison of retention sutures with new retention bridging devices, Am Surg A randomized trial comparing octylcyanoacrylate tissue adhesive and sutures in the management of lacerations, J Am Med Assn Infection – surgical gut is absorbed more rapidly in infected tissue than in non- infected tissue.

Some of the major factors which can affect tensile strength loss and absorption rates are: Lippincott, Amshel AL: Comparative evaluation of coated and uncoated polyglactin in cataract and muscle surgery, Ophth Surg 11 Laser-drilled cardiovascular surgical needles, J Appl Biomaterials 2: Testing new suture materials, Point of View, 19 2: Surgical gut suture meets all requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia U.


Polydioxanone in digestive surgery, Am J Surg The epidemiology of wound infection, Surg Clin NA 60 1: Metallurgically bonded needle holder jaws, Am Surg 56 Sterile transfer–to flip or not to flip, Point of View 16 2: Scientific basis for selecting surgical needles and needle holders for wound closure, Clin Plastic Surg 17 3: Effects of physical configuration and chemical structure of suture material on bacterial adhesion, Am J Surg Fundamental Skills in Surgery, 3d ed, Philadelphia: Management of acute full-thickness losses of the abdominal wall, Ann Surg 5: Chromic gut is processed to provide greater resistance to absorption.

Acta Chir Scand August 15, Johnson P, Fromm D: Surgical gut is packaged in tubing fluid. Vasc Surg 11 1: Tissue holding power to a single suture in different parts of the alimentary tract, Acta Chir Scand Tissue sites – surgical gut.

Manual Ethicon de Tecnicas de Anudado | quinto

Surgical gut sutures are available in plain or chromic. Enviado por Cristiano Florindo flag Denunciar.

Referencias Abidin MR sutruas al: Type of suture – plain gut generally absorbs more rapidly than chromic gut. Surg Clin NA 64 4: The effect of suture material in the development of vascular infection.


Manual de suturas: uso y manejo de suturas, agujas y dispositivos mac├ínicos – Google Books

This is followed by a loss of tensile strength and a loss of suture mass, as the proteolytic enzymatic digestive process dissolves the surgical gut. Considerations in the choice of surgical needles, Surg Gynecol Obstet Many variable factors may affect the rate of absorption.

Saunders, Tera H, Aberg C: Effects of bone wax on bacterial clearance, Surgery 89 2: Sutures and wound healing, Am J Nurs 71 9: Tensile strength and knot security of surgical suture materials, Am Surg Fundamentals of Wound Management, New York: Blue dyed chromic gut suture is also available.

Sancionada por un acta del Congreso, la U. ACTIONS When surgical gut suture is placed in tissue, a moderate tissue inflammation occurs which is characteristic of foreign body response to a substance.

Mersilene suture dde found comparable to nylon, Ophthalmology Times: This process continues until the suture is completely absorbed. Surgical needle sharpness, Am J Surg Industrial sterilization, Point of View 16 2: Assessment of sutures for use in colonic surgery: